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Iswari Ireland is based in the picturesque town of Kinsale, Co. Cork. We are a small, dedicated team working hard to process your orders and to serve and supply the Irish market with premium Superfood Products.   All Iswari chocolate bars are currently produced in Ireland,and much of  the product & recipe development takes place here.

Iswari Portugal opperates a processing and packing facility for Iswari Products. The dedicated, family run team opperate a strict Organic production unit, where all your Superfoods are mixed and packed, labeled and shipped.


Jason Linton is the director of Iswari Ireland. Native to London, he arrived in Kinsale, in 2008 to study permaculture, bringing a passion for nutrition, yoga, and sustainability with him. Jason holds very strong values and commitment to conscious living, eating and business practices. He has a strong creative input in product development and sourcing. His contribution to the Iswari range includes the Raw Breakfast Mixes and Irish made Chocolate bars. Working closely with Goncalo in Portugal, they are constantly striving to evolve the company into a more sustainable, fair and healthy entity.

Goncao Sardinha is Iswari brand-owner. Since a powerful raw superfood detox cleanse some years ago, his passion and commitment to creating and sharing healthy innovative Organic Superfood products has been the driving foce behind the brand.

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